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Healing Music by American Songwriter, Bekah Brudi

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"I might fail but I'm no failure
I might fall while I'm learning to fly"
-Do it Scared 

I’m in love – with the music, with all of you, and with this life I get to live.
I’m an indie-jazz singer-songwriter in Northern Michigan.
10 years ago, I was in college pursuing mathematics and education. To my surprise, my responsible, practical dad saw my heart and recommended I switch to music performance.  I know. What kind of dad encourages the arts over math? I’m a lucky girl. I love you, dad.
While my bachelor’s degree is in classical guitar, it wasn’t until I studied jazz that music became a lifeline.
To be honest with you, until 2018 much of my story is lost in depression.
I was sitting on the back porch 6 years ago with my husband at the time. The stars lit up the sky and crickets told us it was nearly time for bed.
He looked at me, right in the eyes, and challenged me, “Bekah, what if everything you’re going through, the depression, the anxiety, all that feels impossible, will be used for good? What if the songs you write will not only help you find hope, but help others find hope?”
Since then, I went through a divorce, a global pandemic (2020 really did a number on us, eh?), and I wondered if I’d ever finish my album.
To be fair, it took 3.5 years and a small army to get me through.
With my favorite people by my side, I celebrated the release of my debut album, Expectations on 6.18.21.
I never thought I’d be here, happy.
My music has given me the greatest gift, and I hold a holy obligation to share that gift with you.
Here with my music and me is a safe place for you to practice acceptance. And I promise you, out of that acceptance there is healing.
Don’t give up.

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